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A war scythe or military scythe is a form of pole weapon with a curving single-edged blade with the cutting edge on the concave side of the blade. A Warscythe is an energy-bladed battle stave commonly found in the armouries of Necron royals. The Warscythe has served as a traditional weapon of the. Warscythe, Reaper, Sickle, Blade, Edge, Scythe, Harvester, Crescent Example explanation of the Infobox values[<-lowest seen. A Warscythe is a type of Necron weapon composed of living metal and similar to the Phase Blades used by the Imperium. HOW TO PAINT: Necron Overlord with Warscythe The Citadel Colour System breaks down painting your models into just a few easy steps. Choose between the Classic. War Scythe, Phase 1. Item Level Binds when equipped. Two-Hand, Polearm. - Damage, Speed ( damage per second). A warscythe with Morrowind-like engravings, made for Skyrim. This is inspired by "Sacrifice" in the Morrowind Rebirth mod. I wanted to model the Necron Warscythe to be full sized for a human. This model is cm or inches tall and the tip of the staff is 49 cm or 19 inches. Mar 2, - Unscripted model based loosely on a Necron's Warscythe from Warhammer 40k. Contains resizer script if it's too big for your avatar. This mod adds a new warscythe to Skyrim, with engravings reminisce of Morrowind's ebony weapons.

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